Anders Bjørn Rørbæk Pedersen

Sound Design, Mix, Mastering, and Music Production for films, XR, interactive media, and video games.



Anders Bjørn Rørbæk Pedersen (abrp) is an independent sound designer, composer, and music producer specializing in delivering high-quality sound design, mix, mastering, and music production for films, XR, interactive media, and video games. He also runs “Audiolog Music,” a record label focusing on electronic music. He produces and releases music such as “Pfeffermouse” (Retrowave) and “Audiolog” (Techno).



  • Sound design and sound effect production for film, video games and interactive media.

  • Post-production and audio restoration, dialogue editing and voiceover for movies and film.

  • Spatial mixing and mastering XR ambisonics for virtual reality content on Youtube and Facebook.

  • Composing and production of original music for video games. movies and film.

  • Implementation of interactive audio and music in Unity engine, Unreal engine, and other interactive mediums.

  • Music production, mixing and mastering of music.

  • Unique and creative sound design for use in music production.