I have since 2002 released and played music with and under the following aliases/bands:

  • Audiolog (Techno) 

  • Pfeffermouse (Synth-Wave)

  • Bolz Brain (EBM, Industrial)

  • Fuad Von Loop (Techno)

  • Von Loops (Techno) - Lars Agersbæk

  • People Without Legs (Booty Tech) w. Morten Brix

  • Lazy Uncle (Dance) w. Morten Brix,

  • Roben & Knud (popular music). Rasmus Normann Nielsen, Anders Vibholm, Morten Brix, Andreas Nielsen

  • No Room For Space (Industrial) w. Troels Pleimert

  • Kampf Mekanik (Industrial) w. Troels Plimert


My current adventures


Techno / Minimal Techno / Tech House

Audiolog Music

Audiolog Music is an independent Copenhagen based label founded by Anders Bjørn Rørbæk Pedersen in 2017 focusing on releases by local-based electronic music. Audiolog Music's catalog is centered around the artist 'Audiolog', side projects and friends, such as Pfeffermouse, Bolz Brain, Yankee White, People Without Legs and Von Loops.

Indie Dance / Synth-Wave


Pfeffermouse is a Danish synth wave band founded in 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark by Anders Bjørn Rørbæk Pedersen. Pfeffermouse's mission is to create a new distinct sound, which combines electro techno, retro, and synth wave.

Wall of Music